Good News: Cops, Students, and Entrepreneurs

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  This happened last month, but the video is going viral.  A cop near Bakersfield, California named Adam Calderon responded to a house fire on July 10th . . . found a dog chained up outside . . . and refused to leave without it.

The chest-cam footage is pretty intense.  At one point, he started apologizing to the dog, and it seemed like he might have to give up.  But after about five minutes, he managed to snap the chain with a pair of gardening shears he found.

2.  A woman named Bailey Recktenwald got her master’s in public administration from Clemson on Friday.  And her dad was there for the graduation, but not to watch.  He also got his master’s in public administration.  They graduated together and both had 4.0 GPAs.

3.  It’s never too late to be an innovator.  A study found people who start businesses later in life . . . when they’re 50 or older . . . are more likely to “bring radical innovations to the market” than young entrepreneurs are.