Good News: Children’s Books, Gold Coins, and Secret Millionaires

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  The Salvation Army announced its first gold coin of the season.  An anonymous donor at a grocery store near Chicago dropped a South African half-Krugerrand in a red kettle.  It’s worth about $1,200.

2.  A pilot for Delta found a kids’ book at the Atlanta airport, realized it belonged to a library in Kansas, and returned it.  He sent along a letter that said he’s an avid reader and wanted to pay any late fees himself.  He also sent the library some captain’s wings to pass out to kids.

3.  A guy in Hinsdale, New Hampshire named Geoffrey Holt recently passed away at 82 and lived a very simple life.  He managed the mobile home park where he lived, and didn’t have a TV or a car.  He ran errands on his riding mower.  So people in town were shocked to find out he died with $3.8 MILLION in the bank.

He passed away in June, and his estate just got settled.  And here’s the cool part:  He left all his money to his HOMETOWN.

He didn’t have a lot of close family, and his girlfriend passed away in 2017.  So he left his entire fortune to help Hinsdale invest in education, healthcare, and recreational activities.

A city official said they plan to be very frugal with how they use the money, just like he was.  (Here’s a photo of him on his riding mower.)