Good News: ChatGPT Saved a Dog’s Life

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Some guy on Twitter says ChatGPT saved his dog’s life.  She was anemic, and a vet diagnosed her with a tick-borne illness.  But the treatment didn’t help, and their advice was to just wait and see.

Instead, he pasted the dog’s blood results into ChatGPT, which said it might be something called IMHA.  (Immune Medicated Hemolytic Anemia)

He had a different vet run more tests, and they confirmed ChatGPT was right.  They got his dog on the right treatment plan, and she’s on her way to a full recovery.  (Here’s his full explanation with screenshots.)

2.  A guy in Oregon pulled an elderly woman from a burning house last month.  They reunited this past Wednesday, so she could thank him for saving her life.

3.  Earlier this month, a woman in Australia got bit multiple times by a blue-ringed octopus, one of the world’s most venomous animals.  There’s no known anti-venom, so most people die.  But somehow, she’s fine.  Doctors aren’t sure why, but she had a little stomach pain, and that’s it.

4.  A 91-year-old guy from Colorado just became the oldest person to hike across the Grand Canyon.  He started at the North Rim . . . went down into the canyon . . . then hiked back up and finished at the South Rim.  He hiked a total of 24 miles in five days.