Good News: Cats, Weddings, and LGBTQ Support

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Firefighters in Turkey rescued a cat that got its entire head stuck in a can of dog food.  They had to cut the can to get it off, but the cat’s okay.

2.  A woman in Boston thought she went into labor five weeks early, and freaked out because she wanted to be married before the baby came.  She and her boyfriend were supposed to get married at city hall that DAY, but had to rush to the hospital instead.  So one of the doctors helped them out.

A doctor at the hospital named Gregory Woods was already ordained, so he officiated.  The woman’s father even showed up to the hospital with her wedding dress.  Then after they got married, it turned out she WASN’T actually in labor.  She returned to the same hospital a few weeks later, and now has a healthy baby boy.

3.  A small library in Pennsylvania requested an extra $3,000 in funding for next year.  But it got rejected because county officials claimed they were allowing a, quote, “hate group” to hold meetings there.

The “hate group” was actually a SUPPORT group for the LGBTQ community.  But here’s the good news:  A local paper did a story on it, and people were outraged.  Now two moms have helped raise over 30 GRAND to help the library out