Good News: Cats, Dolphins, and 30-Year-Old Babies

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  An animal rescue group in Pennsylvania found a microchip in a stray cat, and got it back to its owners seven years after it went missing.

2.  Two best friends in Canada hit the lottery for a million bucks this summer.  And they’ve already given a bunch of it away.  They’re using a sizable chunk to help nonprofits and other organizations in their hometown.

3.  A fisherman in the Mediterranean Sea rescued a dolphin this month that was tangled up in rope.  And the whole thing is on video.

4.  A couple in Oregon just had twins that came from embryos frozen 30 YEARS ago.  By all accounts, it’s a new record.  The previous record was 27 years.

The embryos were donated by an anonymous couple in 1992, and kept at almost 200 degrees below zero this whole time.  Both babies are doing great.

New dad Philip Ridgeway says the craziest part to him is he was only FIVE when they were conceived by their birth parents 30 years ago.  (Here’s a photo.)