Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Two teachers at a school in Georgia recently raised money and bought the school janitor a car.  He’d been walking to work while he saved up for one.  They posted a video of the surprise, and he just froze when they handed him the keys.  It’s a Chevy Impala with about 75,000 miles on it.

2.  Some people have all the luck:  A guy in North Carolina has now won three lottery jackpots in four years, and bought all three tickets at the same store.  He won a million bucks in 2017 . . . another million two years later . . . and just bought a ticket last week that hit for $100,000.

3.  80% of people say that feeling inspired is one of the most important things in life.  And spending time with our kids is one of the things that inspires us the most.  Other inspirational activities include being out in nature, and inspiring movies or shows.

4.  America’s oldest living World War Two vet just celebrated his 112th birthday on Sunday.  His name is Lawrence Brooks, and he lives in New Orleans.  He got married after the war and had five kids.  Now he’s got 13 grandkids and 22 great-grandchildren.  His advice is have faith, and be nice to people.