Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 13-year-old girl in England has a weird new pet . . . a BUMBLEBEE that won’t stop following her around.  She found it in the middle of the road with a broken wing.  So she tried to put it in a safe spot, but it clung to her.  Now its wing is healed, and she leaves the door open all day so it can fly off, but it never does.  She’s even taken it bowling.

2.  A woman in Montana was missing in the wilderness for four days last week, and got herself rescued by taking her PANTS off and waving them around when she saw a helicopter overhead.  Once they spotted her, she panicked . . . because she didn’t think she’d be able to get her pants back on before they landed.

3.  A single mom in Oklahoma named Tiffany Holloway wanted to buy a manta ray stuffed animal, because her son asked for one for his fifth birthday.  But she only had $2 in her bank account.  So she grabbed a needle and thread and made one out of his old baby blanket, with buttons for eyes.  And she did a great job with it.  (Here’s a photo.)

She was so proud, she posted a photo on Reddit that got 66,000 likes in a single day.  Then people asked if they could send her son MORE gifts . . . and he’s now gotten over 150 stuffed manta rays in the mail.  But he says the one his mom made is his favorite.  (There’s also a GoFundMe that’s raised thousands of dollars to help them out.)