Good News: Boob Jobs, Wedding Vows, and Heroic Kids

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A couple who’ve been together 15 years just got married in South Carolina last month.  Now a video from the ceremony is going viral, because of how the bride teased the guy for taking so long to propose.

She pulled out the vows she’d written on a piece of paper. . . and blew the dust off them.  It got a huge laugh.  Even he cracked up.  (Here’s the video.)

2.  An 18-year-old kid in Boston named Finn Carter was leaving a Celtics game with his dad last Friday when he saw a guy drowning . . . helped save him . . . then woke up the next morning and took the S.A.T.’s.

3.  A 53-year-old woman in England says getting a boob job saved her life.  Two weeks after her surgery last year, she was taking the bandages off when she felt a lump, and it was cancer.  Luckily, she caught it early before it spread.

4.  A Michigan man who lives in assisted living lost his emotional support dog last month and didn’t think he’d ever see him again.  But someone just found the dog two weeks later, so they were reunited.  And on the very same day, the guy also found out the donor kidney he got earlier this year is working great.