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Good News: Bob Ross Lookalikes and a Surprise Family Reunion for Three Dogs

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A bunch of high school students in Missouri dressed up as painter Bob Ross last Thursday to raise money for their school’s art program.  Each of them did a landscape painting that’ll go up for auction next month.  The money will help pay for supplies and a kiln for ceramics classes.

2.  Three rescue dogs from Texas recently had an unexpected family reunion in New York.  Two of them saw each other on a walk and were really friendly like they knew each other.  It turned out one dog was the other dog’s dad.  And the owner of the son knew the person who adopted his brother.  So they all got together at a park last month.

3.  A 13-month-old girl in Lockhart, Texas recently fell into a pool and the only person who saw it was her four-year-old cousin.  But luckily he’s a bright kid and realized it was bad news.  So he found an adult and ended up saving his cousin’s life.

4.  An elementary school janitor in North Carolina is so good with kids, someone nominated him for an award that comes with $10,000.  Unfortunately, he didn’t win.

But people wanted him to know how much they appreciate him.  So the parents of current and former students got together, pooled their money, and surprised him last month with a check for 35 GRAND.

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