Good News: Blood Donors, Kind Cops, and a 2,000-Year-Old Math Problem

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  An 80-year-old in Canada now holds a world record for donating more blood than any other woman.  She started in 1965 when she was 22, and she’s now donated over 200 units.  That’s around 30 gallons of blood in her life.  Her blood type is O-positive, which is the most common kind.  So it’s in high demand.

2.  Seems like this is a regular thing now:  A DoorDash driver got pulled over in Nebraska while driving on a suspended license last week.  So one of the cops grabbed the two food orders in their car, and delivered them himself.

3.  Two teenage girls in New Orleans just solved a math problem that’s been stumping mathematicians for 2,000 years.  It has to do with the Pythagorean Theorem for sides on a triangle . . . A-squared, plus B-squared, equals C-squared.

That formula is taught in every geometry class, but it’s not ideal because of something called “circular reasoning.”  So they managed to prove it using trigonometry instead, and that’s a big deal.  They just gave a presentation at a math conference this month and were the only high schoolers in the room.