Good News: Birthdays, Big Feet, and the Medal of Honor

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  You might remember this kid from a few months back:  A J.V. football player in Michigan named Eric Kilburn Jr. was already. 6-foot-10 by 14 years old, and couldn’t find cleats because he’s a size 23.  (!!!)

Earlier this year, Puma and Under Armour both offered to help by making custom shoes for him . . . four pairs of cleats, and two pairs of training shoes.  He recently got to try them out at his first scrimmage of the season.  Now he’s also getting some custom basketball shoes for when that starts up.

2.  A couple in Cleveland named Scierra Blair and José Ervin both have the same birthday, August 18th.  And they just had twins who were ALSO born on August 18th.

Scierra was scheduled for a C-section on the 17th last month.  But they thought it would be fun if all four family members could celebrate birthdays on the same day every year.  So doctors waited and did the C-section just after midnight.

3.  An 81-year-old Army vet named Larry Taylor got the Medal of Honor at the White House yesterday.  He was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

Back in 1968, he disobeyed a direct order . . . and risked his life . . . to save a four-man recon team that got surrounded with no ammo.  They had to hang onto the bottom of his helicopter while he flew up to 1,500 feet to get them out.

Only one of those men he saved is still living.  Retired Army Ranger David Hill didn’t get to meet Captain Taylor and thank him in person until 31 years later.  He’s been pushing for him to get the Medal of Honor for years.

(Here’s a video from yesterday’s ceremony.)