Good News: Birthday Cakes, Photogenic Cats, and National Be Nice Day

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  It’s National Be Nice Day.  So if anyone’s a jerk to you today, shame on them.

2.  A mom in Fort Myers, Florida tried to buy a birthday cake for her three-year-old daughter on Friday.  But the grocery store hadn’t gotten any in because of Hurricane Ian.

A woman at the bakery tracked her down in the store a few minutes later though, and said she found one in the freezer.  She put a tiara on it and wrote “Happy Birthday Anna.”  There’s a cute picture of Anna LOVING it.  (Here’s the photo.)

3.  A deaf dog in North Dakota fell into an open sewer drain on Saturday and wiggled his way into a pipe.  But firefighters and city workers dug for three hours and got him out.  (Here’s the video.  They finally get him out at 3:28.)

4.  A cat in the U.K. wandered into a school on picture day, and jumped right up on the seat kids were using.  So the photographer took a few glamour shots and gave them to the owner.  (This follows the story yesterday about a dog in Ohio that got its own yearbook photo again.)