Good News: Bears, Triplets, and 12,952 Cereal Boxes

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  The charity Move for Hunger crushed a world record by toppling 12,952 cereal boxes like dominoes.  They did it at the arena where the Detroit Pistons play.  The previous record was 6,391, so they more than doubled it.  All the boxes of cereal they used are being donated to food banks.

2.  Firefighters in Tennessee rescued a hunting dog named Charlie after he fell 40 feet down the shaft of a narrow cave.  And it turned out he wasn’t alone.

A firefighter repelled down to get him, and saw a BEAR sleeping in the cave a few feet away.

They had to set up a camera and wait for the bear to leave.  Luckily it did, and they were able to get Charlie out.  He was trapped for three days, but he’ll be okay.  He was just hungry and dehydrated.  (Here’s a video.)

3.  A 26-year-old mom in Pittsburgh named Dee Michelle went viral on TikTok this weekend after telling the story of how she got pregnant while already pregnant(???)  It’s rare in humans but does happen.  It’s called superfetation.

She and her husband had been trying to get pregnant, and did.  She got an ultrasound and everything.  So they assumed they didn’t need to use protection, because why would they?

But then days later, she went to the E.R. with pain, and found out she was pregnant again . . . with TWO more babies.  So, three total.  All girls.

This all happened three years ago, so they’re toddlers now.  They’re technically triplets, because they were all born on the same day.  But two of them are also identical twins.  All three are doing great.  (Here’s the video.)