Good News: Bank Tellers, Cliff Rescues, and a 17-Year-Old Duck

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A bank teller in Australia named Marlena Karbowski saved an old lady from being scammed out of $2 MILLION.  The lady said she had to sell her house to help her son . . . then admitted it was really to get her “boyfriend” out of jail overseas.

Marlena asked to see a picture of him . . . did a reverse image search on Google . . . and found the same photo listed with different names.  The woman was devastated, but still had time to cancel the sale.

2.  A helicopter crew saved a man who fell off a ledge in Northern California, and the footage is intense.  He was clinging to the side of a cliff, and the cop who rescued him had a camera running for the whole thing.  (Here’s the full video.  They get to him at :30.)

3.  In related news:  Rescuers in Colorado saved two rock climbers, along with a cat.  One guy brought his cat along for the climb.  (???)  Besides needing to be rescued, he says everything went fine.  His cat Link was totally calm and even took a nap on the way up the cliff.  (Here’s a photo.)

4.  A sanctuary in Rhode Island threw a big party for a duck’s 17th birthday.  Her name is Erna.  They use her as a foster mom for orphaned birds.  17 is pretty old for the type of duck she is.  Their average lifespan is around 12 years.