Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A six-year-old girl in Mississippi called 911 last week and hung up.  So they called back . . . and she said she just wanted to tell the sheriff she’s LOVES him.  He showed up at her house two days later with a bunch of school supplies for her.

2.  A bunch of high school students in Maryland built a baby carrier attachment for wheelchairs, so their teacher’s husband could take his baby out with him.  And they’ve now won two awards for it.  It’s called the WheeStroll.

3.  Some cops near Nashville pulled over a guy who was wanted for stalking, and he was in the middle of a shift delivering groceries.  So THEY delivered them.  They say they knew they had to act fast when they saw ice cream in one of the bags.

4.  Back in May, a five-year-old boy named Meyer Mixdorf was being treated for brain cancer at a children’s hospital in Missouri.  And his parents used sticky notes to make a face on his window to cheer him up.  Then someone across the street started doing it.

It turned out to be a medical worker in another building named Johnna Schindlbeck.  They traded window art messages for weeks, and each one got more and more impressive.  By the end, they were doing full pictures of Super Mario and Iron Man.

She didn’t even know who Meyer was for a while, but finally got to meet him last week when his MRI came back clean and he got discharged.  (Here’s a photo of their art.)