Good News: Babies, Flamingos, and a Doggie Jailbreak

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  14 different nurses at a neonatal center in Missouri all got pregnant at the same time.  “Good Morning America” talked to them last week.  Then during the interview, a 15th nurse revealed she’s pregnant too.

2.  You know those cheesy pink flamingos people put in their yards?  A group in Buffalo, New York broke a world record on Tuesday by lining 4,280 of them up in a row.  They beat the old record by more than 500.

3.  A bald eagle recently snatched a baby red-tailed hawk from its nest near Vancouver, British Columbia probably to eat it.  But wildlife officials say that hasn’t happened.  Instead, the eagle and its mate adopted it.  Now they’re raising it as their own.

4.  A couple from Kansas recently went to Las Vegas on vacation, and left their dog Dexter at a kennel.  Then they got an alert from their doorbell cam after he broke out by scaling a six-foot fence . . . and found his way back to their home two miles away.

They talked to him over the speaker while someone at the kennel drove and got him.  They say he’s really smart, sometimes too smart for his own good.  (Here’s a video.)