Good News: Babies, Boyfriends, and Super Bowl Tickets

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Two Ukrainian refugees are heading to the Super Bowl.  A couple near Kansas City sponsored them last year, and they’ve all been living together.  They were at the AFC Championship game last week when the Kansas City Chiefs got involved, and gave BOTH couples tickets to the big game.

2.  A woman in Georgia had to deliver her own baby while her husband was rushing her to the hospital and got stuck in traffic.  It happened in November, but she just posted footage from it.  They eventually got a police escort.  Mom and baby are both doing great.  (Here’s the video.)

3.  Two employees at a DoubleTree Hilton hotel in Montreal went the extra mile to help a woman who showed up crying.  She and her boyfriend had just broken up the day before she was supposed to fly home, and he booted her out of his place.  To his credit, he got her a hotel room but booked it for the wrong night.

The employees hooked her up with a discounted room, free snacks, and gave her a sympathy card.  She posted a video on TikTok, and Hilton responded.  They said they’d already shared the story with their whole team.