Good News: Angry Otters, a Message in a Bottle, and Butterball Gutterballs

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A bowling alley near Scranton, Pennsylvania is hosting a fundraiser on Sunday, where you get to bowl using a frozen turkey instead of a ball.

The owner of Valley Bowling Lanes heard her local food bank was running low.  So she partnered with a grocery store for it.

For $5 and one nonperishable food item, you get to hurl a frozen turkey down the lane.  If you get a strike, you keep the bird.  (A reporter tried it and got a strike.  The title of the YouTube video is “Gutterballs to Butterballs”.)

2.  A guy in France just found a message in a bottle that was thrown in the ocean off the coast of Massachusetts 26 years ago.  A fifth-grader did it as part of an assignment for his science class way back in 1997.

3.  A highway patrol trooper in Montana named Barb Armstrong just received a Medal of Valor commendation . . . for saving a woman who got attacked by otters this summer.  It’s the highway patrol’s highest award for bravery.

The story was in the news back in August.  The otters went after her while she was tubing down a river, and they actually messed her up pretty good.  She was covered in blood and needed “more stitches than she could count.”

Barb was the first person on scene.  Without hesitating, she dove straight into otter-infested waters to get to her.  The woman ended up being life-flighted out by a helicopter.  And yes, she survived.