Good News: A Woman Couldn’t Do Her Own Makeup Anymore, so Her 79-Year-Old Husband Went to Beauty School

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  The internet is in love with a 79-year-old guy in Canada who went to a beauty school to learn how to do his wife’s hair and makeup.  Her eyesight is getting worse, so she’s been having trouble doing it on her own.

2.  A pregnant woman went into labor on a flight to Hawaii last Wednesday, and everything went fine . . . because three nurses, a physician assistant, and a doctor all happened to be on board.

3.  The Make-A-Wish Foundation recently offered a wish to a five-year-old in Missouri named Grayson Nunley who’s fighting leukemia.  And he decided to use his wish to help OTHER sick kids.  He spent 20 days in the hospital and asked them to buy more comfortable sheets for the beds, so other kids would have an easier time.

4.  Two brothers named Aiden and Louis Ardine are walking across the country right now to raise money for restaurant workers who’ve been hit hard by the pandemic.  They left New Jersey on Saturday, and plan to walk 3,147 miles to California.

They’re hoping to raise $30,000, or about $10 per mile.  And as of last night, they were already halfway to their goal.  You can pitch in at