Good News: A Student with Down Syndrome Was Surprised by His Coaches . . . and Otters Painting Valentines

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  There’s a high school freshman in South Carolina named Carson who serves as the equipment manager for the JV basketball team.  And the coaches surprised him recently by putting him in the game.

Carson has Down syndrome, and he never expected to actually play.  But when he heard his name called, he was thrilled . . . he ran around the gym hyping up the crowd . . . and he even made a basket.

(Here’s video of Carson being brought in, and here’s a local news report on it, with Carson and his mother.)

2.  A woman in Ohio named Megan has a grandfather who struggles to speak because he has advanced Parkinson’s.  So she gave him a sound box with an old recording of him saying “I love you, Megan.”  (Here’s video.)

3.  Firefighters in Massachusetts rescued a dog from a FROZEN pond last weekend.  They think the dog was in the icy water for about 20 minutes, but thankfully the dog is in good condition and will recover fully.

4.  Five Asian small-clawed otters at the Living Shores Aquarium in New Hampshire are using their little paws to paint valentines.  The aquarium calls their work “Ottergrams,” and some of them will be sent to hospital patients today.

(Here’s a news report on this happening.)