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Good News: A Starbucks Reunion, a Riding Mower Road Trip, and a $1,700 Tip

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A former Starbucks barista named Griffin Baron got to reunite with an 18-year-old kid named Jonathan Celner . . . who he helped deliver when Jon’s mom gave birth in a Starbucks bathroom in 2002.

2.  A cafeteria worker at a school in Oklahoma passed her test to become a U.S. citizen last week.  So all the students and teachers lined the halls to clap and cheer for her.

3.  Someone in Morristown, New Jersey was angry about a restaurant’s pandemic policy that you can only stay for 90 minutes.  So they stiffed their waitress and didn’t leave a tip.  But then a group of people on Facebook started raising money . . . and ended up giving the waitress $1,700.

4.  Last week, a guy named Chip Hawthorne raised over $8,000 for Habitat for Humanity . . . by driving a riding mower across the entire state of Florida.

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