Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A guy in Illinois paid tribute to his late father by putting some of his dad’s ashes into a bowling ball . . . and he just bowled a perfect 300 game using that ball.

39-year-old John Hinkle Jr. says his dad introduced him to bowling when he was young . . . so when his dad passed away in 2016, he had his ashes added to the thumb hole of his ball.

2.  A message in a bottle that was dropped into a river in Kentucky 30 years ago just turned up 250 miles away in Tennessee.  The people who found it used the note inside to track down the people who put it in the river . . . and they’re going to stay in touch.

3.  A woman in Kentucky found some 20-year-old photos in a cookbook at a thrift store.  So she posted them on social media in case someone wanted them.

And a few days later, the girl in one of the photos contacted her and said the cookbook and photos must have belonged to her grandmother.  So the woman who found the cookbook just met up with her to give her the photos.