Good News: A Kid Saves Her Great Grandma, and a Cop Rescues a Cat

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A quick-thinking seven-year-old girl in Michigan immediately called for help after her great-grandmother got her leg stuck under a rolling SUV in a driveway.  She apparently thought it was in park . . . but it wasn’t.

When the SUV started moving, the great grandma tried to stop it because the seven-year-old was inside.  But instead, it was the girl who ended up saving HER.  The grandmother is in the hospital recovering.  (Here’s news video.)

2.  An Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper came to the rescue of a cat that was stranded on a busy highway.  The cat was taken to the Humane Society, where it was named Trooper.  And Trooper has already been adopted.

3.  A rescue dog from Rhode Island named Joey will appear on Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl” next month.  Joey only has two legs . . . he doesn’t have his front legs . . . but he’s otherwise perfectly healthy.

4.  A woman in the U.K. turned 100, and her secret is, quote, “Avoid talking to strange men and you’ll be just fine.”  She also said she spends a lot of time with children, which keeps her young at heart.