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Good News: A Human Chain, a Hero Dog, and a Nurse Who Tells Dad Jokes

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Over 20 people held hands and formed a human chain to rescue a swimmer at a beach near Panama City, Florida last week.

2.  A big dog recently saved a little dog from drowning in a pool in South Africa.  The owners were gone when their tiny Pomeranian fell into their pool and couldn’t get out.  But their other dog . . . a 7-year-old bull terrier . . . spent 34 minutes trying to rescue him . . . and finally pulled him out with her teeth.

3.  A couple in northern California had struggled to get pregnant for seven years when their doctor said losing weight was their only chance.  So they both had gastric bypass surgery.  He lost 317 pounds.  She lost 115.  And they just had their first kid in December.

4.  A retired nurse in New Jersey named Peter Schultz has been working as a volunteer, vaccinating over 100 people a day.  But before he gives them their shot, he calms their nerves by telling DAD JOKES.

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