Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A dad in the U.K. woke up at five in the morning to get his three-year-old son a glass of milk . . . but he noticed a house across the street was on FIRE and saved seven people.

2.  A little kid fell on the tracks at a train station in India while a train was coming in.  And a worker risked his own life to save him.  He ran across the tracks and lifted him back up with about two seconds to spare.  And a security camera got it all on video.

3.  Some hikers in Switzerland were heading up a snowy mountain when a random cat started following them.  And it kept following them all the way to the top, 10,000 feet up.  So they picked it up, brought it back down, and eventually got it back to its owners.  It turned out the cat had been on the mountain for a while.  It was missing for four days.

4.  A guy in Australia was going to paint his house rainbow colors like the Gay Pride flag.  And five guys in his neighborhood showed up at his door using homophobic language and threatening him.  One of them got arrested for threatening his life.

But then over 100 people who heard about it came from all over and showed up to HELP him paint.  A paint company called Dulux also donated a bunch of paint to make it happen.