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Good News: A Guy’s Weird Hobby Saved a Hiker’s Life

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  This happened in January, but the video’s just going viral:  A high school biology teacher in Maryland named Wendy Franklin was doing a Zoom class and realized all her students were muted with their cameras off.

So she was confused for a second until one of them spoke up and said they just wanted to thank her for being so great this year.  Then all at once, they turned their cameras on . . . and every student was holding up a hand-drawn “THANK YOU” sign.

2.  There’s an island in the middle of a lake in Kenya that’s basically sinking.  The water has been rising for years, and a herd of nine giraffes was living there.  So for months, a team has been using a large raft . . . called the “GiRaft” . . . to save them.  And this week, they announced all nine giraffes have now been relocated off the island.

3.  A guy near L.A. went hiking this week and got stranded overnight.  He’d texted a photo to a friend of his legs dangling off a rock overlooking a canyon.  Then later, he said he was lost and that his phone was dying.  So rescuers started searching and posted the photo in case anyone knew the area.  And a random guy named Ben Kuo saved the day.

Ben has a weird hobby, where he enjoys looking at random photos to see if he can figure out where they were taken.  So he got to work . . . figured out the general area . . . told the cops . . . and they found the guy.

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