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Good News: A Guy’s Fantasy Football Punishment Led to a Big Waffle House Tip

Athens, USA - June 1, 2011: Waffle House

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A woman in Texas who’s still recovering from the virus turned 101 on Friday.  So someone at her nursing home asked Twitter to send happy birthday messages, and THOUSANDS of people responded.  They included a few celebrities like Nancy Sinatra and Patricia Arquette.

2.  Another “2021 tip” is in the news.  This time, a family ran up a $300 tab at a restaurant in Colorado, and left a $2,021 tip to split between the servers and cooks.

3.  Late last month, a couple in Maine hit the lottery for a million bucks.  And last week, they went back to the store where they bought the ticket, and gave the employees who sold it to them $1,000 each.

4.  A guy in Georgia had to spend 24 hours at a Waffle House as punishment for losing his fantasy football league.  Minus one hour for every waffle he ate.  So he tore through EIGHTEEN waffles in six hours.  But here’s the best part . . .

While he was there, he decided to raise money on social media to give his waitress a really good tip.  And he ended up leaving her just over $1,000 on a $49 tab.

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