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Good News: A Generous Principal and a Sea Shanty Update

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A high school principal in South Carolina has been working a second job, and giving the money to his students.  Henry Darby stocks the shelves at Walmart three nights a week just to help families who are struggling.  Now someone’s started a GoFundMe for him that’s raised over $130,000.  And Walmart donated another 50 grand to his school.

2.  Here’s why they say follow your passion:  The guy who started the “sea shanty” trend on TikTok is a 26-year-old postal worker in Scotland named Nathan Evans.  And he’s gained such a following, he just quit his job to focus on sea shanties full time.

3.  A couple married 63 years recently checked into a hospital in Illinois after they both got COVID.  And they missed each other because they have to be in separate rooms.  So last week, their nurses threw them a “date night” so they could have dinner together.

4.  A 90-year-old guy from Austria passed away last month.  And in his will, he left $2.4 MILLION to a town in France that saved his family during the Holocaust.

5.  If you need a quick boost, BuzzFeed posted a great list of 40 people who did nice things for strangers and didn’t expect anything in return.

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