Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A telecommunications CEO named Robert Hale Jr. gave the commencement speech at Quincy College near Boston on Friday . . . and gave each of the 490 graduates $1,000.  He asked them to pay it forward by giving half of it to someone else.

2.  Sadly, a 73-year-old guy in Florida named Thomas Newman died of Covid a few months ago.  But his family is going to be okay financially . . . because it turned out he had a massive baseball card collection worth $20 MILLION.

3.  A waitress in Florida got an $800 tip and ended up splitting it with another waitress.  The customer who left it also paid the bill for a random family of 13 people at the table next to him.

4.  A professor at M.I.T. is going viral after he put a crib in his office, so one of his grad students can bring her baby to work when she needs to.  He also babysits when she needs help, and he loves it.  He called the setup a “win-win.”