Good News: A Dogecoin Donor, a $1,000 Tip, and a Badass Tow Truck Driver

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A guy who’s terminally ill went to a restaurant in Tennessee on Saturday . . . paid for two other tables’ orders . . . and left his server a $1,000 tip.  He said he wanted to stay anonymous, but told them he wants to use the time he has left spending his money on other people.

2.  Someone in Minnesota started a fire in a dumpster that was right next to a Family Dollar store on Tuesday, and the whole building could have gone up.  But a tow truck driver used his truck to move the dumpster away from the building.  And a video of it is making the rounds online.

3.  Two first-graders in Las Vegas became friends online during the pandemic and just got to meet up in person for the first time.  One of them knew, but the other girl’s mom kept it a secret.  So when they saw each other in a park, it was pure joy.

4.  An anonymous woman in Daytona Beach stopped in at an animal shelter on Saturday.  She told them she’d made a bunch of money buying and selling Dogecoin.  And she wanted to pay for ALL of the adoption fees for dogs that were ready to be adopted out.