Good News: A Daughter’s TikTok Video Made Her Dad a Best-Selling Author

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Back in 2012, a guy in Vermont named Lloyd Devereux Richards published a novel called “Stone Maidens”, but it didn’t sell well.  As of last week, it was ranked 1,452nd among thriller and suspense novels on Amazon.

He’s 74 now and sort of gave up on it.  But 10 days ago, his daughter posted a TikTok of him at his desk . . . said it would be great if he could get some sales . . . and the other day, his book hit NUMBER ONE on Amazon’s best-sellers list.

Before all this, Lloyd hadn’t even heard of TikTok.  His daughter’s video has now racked up over 44 million views.  (Here’s the video, and here he is getting emotional when he finds out he’s a best-selling author.)

2.  Cops in Georgia pulled an elderly woman from her burning home, and there’s chest-cam footage of the whole thing.

3.  A group in Tampa called the Rough Riders are in the news for handing out over 10,000 teddy bears to kids every year.