Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A group in Marathon, Florida had breakfast at a place called Castaway Restaurant . . . ran up a $193 bill . . . and tipped the staff $10,000.  A total of 14 employees split it, so just over $700 each.

2.  Someone in North Carolina randomly found some World War Two medals in a dumpster that belonged to a guy named Donald Helfer who died in 1993.  And his kids were thrilled to find out . . . because they had no idea he was a war hero.  He flew almost 30 flights into enemy territory but never talked about it.  It turned out he received a Bronze Star, a Flying Cross, and a thank-you letter from President Truman.

3.  A cop in Massachusetts found out a kid had to cancel two birthdays because of the pandemic . . . his sixth birthday last year, and his seventh birthday this week.  So the cop used his own money to buy him some birthday gifts.

4.  A zoo in the Czech Republic realized its chimpanzees were lonely without people visiting.  So they installed a giant video screen that shows chimps at OTHER zoos running around.  Or in other words, Zoom for chimpanzees.  And it turns out they love it.