Good News: 11 Veterans Were Given Houses for Veterans Day

 Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  For Veterans Day, the mortgage group Veterans United just gave 11 homes to 11 vets who’ve gone above and beyond to give even MORE back to their communities.  They decided on 11 homes because of the date . . . today is 11/11/2021.

2.  A lobster fisherman in Maine caught a rare, 1-in-100 million “cotton candy” lobster that’s blue instead of their normal color . . . and refused to let anyone eat it.  He’s donating it to an aquarium instead.

3.  A 32-year-old guy in the U.K. who’s gone through 170 rounds of chemo was told he’d probably never be able to have kids because of it.  But he’s in the news right now because he recently became a DAD.  His girlfriend gave birth to their son J.J. earlier this year, and they’re getting ready to try for baby number two soon.

4.  Also in the U.K., a 24-year-old woman who used to only eat fast food changed her diet . . . quit fast food completely . . . and lost almost 100 pounds in a year.  She says it’s also saved her a ton of money.

5.  This is classic dumb husband stuff here:  A guy in Chicago named Anthony Serritella got married on Saturday . . . took his ring off to show it to a friend . . . and dropped it in a STORM DRAIN.  It was his dad’s old wedding band, so he couldn’t just get another one.  But luckily, some firefighters helped him out, and he got it back.