Golfers have been complaining about the increasing amount of HECKLING, where fans try to disrupt their game by shouting stuff out while they’re swinging.  It’s usually DRUNK people . . . and it’s obviously very frowned-upon.

So, security is being ramped up at this weekend’s Augusta National . . . and according to reports, the staff has actually been given a list of sayings that are prohibited.  And one of them is the Bud Light catchphrase ‘Dilly Dilly.’

Fans who shout ‘Dilly Dilly,’ or any of the other phrases, will be removed immediately.  Unfortunately, the rest of the list has not been released.

Not surprisingly, Bud Light has seized this opportunity for free publicity.  They’re sending 1,000 ‘Dilly Dilly’ shirts to the Masters.

Of course, this will probably only lead to MORE people shouting ‘Dilly Dilly,’ which is just wonderful.