There’s a 63-year-old guy named Sam Senseney in Rome, Georgia who’s been waiting for a new kidney for about six years.  (Rome is about 70 miles northwest of Atlanta.)

He has to do four hours a day of dialysis, three days a week.  And it completely zaps all his energy.  His friends and family have all been tested to see if they could donate, and none of them can.

But luckily he has a very persistent granddaughter named Maddie, who’s been really involved in taking care of him.

A while back, his doctors told her she couldn’t be a donor.  It’s not clear if they tested her or not.  They just nixed the idea because she was too young.

But she talked to them again after she recently turned 18, and found out she’s a PERFECT match.  So now she’s going to save her grandfather’s life.

She surprised him with the news late last month.  We don’t know how he felt about her donating.  But it sounds like he’d have a pretty hard time talking her out of it.

She’ll have to miss a few weeks of her senior year to recover, but doesn’t care.  She says she just wants to get her, quote, “best bud back.”  They’re meeting with doctors this week to set a date for the surgery, and hope to do it in the next month.