If you haven’t revamped your resumé in a while, here are five things you should make sure AREN’T on there . . .

1.  Your GPA, unless you’re still in college or just graduated.  Most hiring managers just care if you have a degree.  Something like “magna cum laude” is okay to list.  Just not your actual GPA, because it makes you seem young and inexperienced.

2.  Super-old work experience.  If you’re in your 40’s, it’s definitely time to stop bragging about that Burger King gig you had in high school.  In general, 10 years is a pretty good cutoff point, but it depends.  Like if you were at your last job for 8 years, then it’s okay to list jobs from 10 or 15 years ago, just to fill the page.

3.  An “objective” at the top.  It makes you seem old, because no one does it anymore.  If you want to put something up there, make it a one or two-line SUMMARY about yourself that talks about why you’d be a good fit.

4.  Your weird, unprofessional email address.  It’s amazing how many people still use emails like, “AnimalLover212 ” or YankeesFan93.”  If you want to use an email like that for personal stuff, fine.  Just use a separate one for work stuff.  Something like your first and last name, with your middle initial.

5.  “References available upon request.”  It’s one of those throw-away lines that doesn’t mean anything.  If they want references, they’ll ask.  So make sure you have them.  But there’s no reason to SAY they’re available upon request.

(NY Post)