Someone asked people to name small expenses that add up and end up costing you a LOT more than you think.

The big one people mentioned is credit card debt.  But here are a few others that are easier to overlook . . .

1.  Subscriptions you don’t use.  Including everything from streaming services to magazines.  Cutting back on that stuff can help your bottom line.

2.  Delivery, especially if you order through apps.  With delivery fees, other fees, and a tip, you can end up paying $15 more than if you just went and picked it up.

3.  That fancy coffee on your way to work.  Maybe it’s worth it, but if you’re paying $5 at Starbucks five days a week, that’s around $1,250 a year.

4.  Appetizers at restaurants.  You’re adding an extra $10 to your bill, and your meal is probably plenty of food already.

5.  Apps and games you never use.  Or maybe games your KIDS never use.  In-app purchases also add up.