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Five Coronavirus Quick Hits: Will March Madness Happen in Empty Arenas?

1.  March Madness begins on Tuesday, March 17th, and if the National College Players Association has its way, there could be NO FANS in the crowd at the games due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The NCPA said, quote, “There should be a serious discussion about holding competitions without an audience present . . . the NCAA and its colleges must act now, there is no time to waste.”

An NCAA spokesman said they’re “keenly aware of coronavirus,” and will continue to monitor it with health officials and the CDC.

2.  Arnold Schwarzenegger canceled his Sports Festival this weekend.  It’s the country’s biggest health and fitness expo, and it was supposed to happen in Ohio.  Arnold said the expo WILL BE BACK . . . because he’s planning to reschedule it when the disease is under control.

3.  Mariah Carey postponed a show in Hawaii due to the coronavirus.  She’s planning on making up for it on November 28th.

4.  Advertisers don’t seem concerned about the Tokyo Olympics being canceled.  NBC Sports surpassed $1.25 billion in Olympic ad sales and sold 90% of its inventory, with nearly five months still to go before the opening ceremonies.

5.  The global movie industry is facing $5 BILLION in losses due to Covid-19.

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