If you’ve been enjoying the cancel culture feast on Bud Light . . . well, grab your popcorn . . . because Miller Lite just said, HOLD MY BEER.

Yesterday morning, someone on Twitter found an old Miller Lite ad, and is apparently trying to launch a Bud Light-like BOYCOTT.

The guy called the ad “woke” . . . and added, “These companies are broken and have no idea who actually consumes their products.”

The ad is not new.  It was released in March . . . before the Bud Light chaos . . . as a tongue-in-cheek ad for Women’s History Month.  You may have seen it.

In the clip, Miller says that throughout history, WOMEN were known for brewing beer . . . and yet, centuries later, the beer industry “paid homage to the founding mothers of beer” by . . . putting women in BIKINIS.

It was a playful shot at themselves, and other beers, for old marketing.

In the ad, Miller said they’re buying back all these old, sexy posters and advertisements . . . and are turning them into FERTILIZER, and giving them to farmers to grow more hops.  (They said they’re “turning bad [S-word] into good [S-word].”)

(Here’s the ad.  Warning:  The S-words are only LOOSELY censored.)

Within hours, Miller Lite was trending on social media, and a lot of people were FURIOUS . . . claiming they will never drink Miller Lite again.  (???)

Others called for Miller Lite’s advertising executives to be fired, and some even demanded that the video be removed from the internet.

A spokesperson for Molson Coors, Miller Lite’s parent company, told Fox News there’s nothing “remotely controversial” in the ad.

As for the viral mob, most people seem to be saying that they’re switching to Yuengling . . . but Pabst and Sam Adams could also be options . . . for now at least.

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(This would’ve been HILARIOUS if it was secretly spearheaded by Bud Light, but that does NOT appear to be the case.  Just by people who have a lot of time on their hands, and who drink bad beer.  Seriously, spend your hard-earned money at your LOCAL craft breweries.)