Have your Facebook friends been hitting you up for cash lately by creating “birthday fundraisers” for their favorite charities?

Facebook added a feature about a year ago that lets you ask for donations in lieu of presents . . . even though literally NO ONE was buying presents for their Facebook friends before this.

And some people think they’re a little annoying, just because of how CONSTANT they are.  Like, multiple times a week if you’ve got a lot of friends on there.

But the good news is they ARE actually doing a lot of good.

A woman named Asha Sharma heads up Facebook’s “Social Good” initiative.  And on Wednesday, she revealed that all those fundraisers brought in $300 MILLION for charity in their first year.

The charities that have gotten the most money so far include St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital . . . the Alzheimer’s Association . . . the American Cancer Society . . . No Kid Hungry . . . and the ASPCA.