What’s the most boneheaded thing you’ve done while drunk?

A guy from New Jersey named Kenny Bachman was doing some heavy drinking while visiting friends in Morgantown, West Virginia last week.  That’s where West Virginia University is.  (We’re not sure how old he is, but he looks like he’s in his early 20s.)

And on Friday night, he tried to take an Uber back to his friends’ place, but blacked out in the back of the car.

When he woke up, his Uber driver told him they were still about an HOUR away from his destination.  Which didn’t make sense.  Then he figured out what happened . . .

Apparently he punched his HOME address into the app instead of his friend’s address.  And without questioning it, the Uber driver drove him the entire way from West Virginia to NEW JERSEY.

According to Google Maps, it’s just over 300 miles from WVU to his place in Gloucester County, New Jersey, near Philly.  They crossed through at least four states . . . and his final fare was more than $1,600.

The exact total was $1,635.93.  It would have been about 800 bucks, but he accidentally ordered an UberXL.  They’re more expensive because you get a bigger car.  And since he was almost there when he woke up, he had no choice but to pay it.

He says the whole thing is pretty embarrassing.  And now he has to head BACK to West Virginia this weekend to pick up his bags.