ABC/Randy HolmesFor most of their careers, Dan + Shay have had fairly similar, short haircuts. But that all started to change several months ago, when Dan Smyers decided to grow his out.

“Honesty, I’d never had curly hair as a kid,” Dan explains. “I don’t know what happened. My mom has curly hair, so maybe that’s where it came from. And I’ve always had it short, so I never really found that out.”

“But it’s been crazy,” he says of the newfound attention he’s been getting for his ‘do. “And I’ve come this far… it’s like, ‘Do I cut it now? It took awhile to get here.’ So it’s funny, and it’s a good conversation piece. You know, something a little bit different.”

As for the Mrs.? Well, it turns out she’s a fan.

Abby honestly likes it. She loves it,” Dan says. “I mean, people always ask, cause they’re like ‘You probably don’t like the hair, do you?’ She’s like, ‘I actually do.’”

“I couldn’t afford a haircut whenever we first met,” Dan recalls. “Seriously, I would wear this Boston Red Sox hat… But I had sort of long hair and I think it reminds her of when we met, when I was much younger and much more handsome I guess,” he smiles.

Just as Dan’s been growing his hair out, the duo’s been experiencing the biggest hit of their career so far with “Tequila.” Shay Mooney jokes that just like Sampson in the Old Testament, Dan’s strength might come from his hair.

“It’s good luck… because this has been a good year.” Shay says. “So it might be like Sampson. His power is in the hair. So if you cut it and things start going bad, like it’s coming back,” he jokes. “It’s coming back for sure.”

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