A woman named Ruth Bryant recently celebrated her 100th birthday in Roxboro, North Carolina.  Check out what she asked for . . .

She’s been a law-abiding citizen her whole life.  But she always thought it would be fun to get ARRESTED.  So some local cops made it happen.

They showed up at her assisted living center and arrested her in front of all her friends.  And they came up with some fake charges.

They accused her of going to a nearby fire department and FLASHING people.  Then they cuffed her and put her in a squad car.  She actually pretended to FIGHT BACK at one point and started kicking.

Then they took her to the station and booked her.  She even had a mugshot taken.

She only spent a few minutes in an actual cell but loved the whole thing.  And they let her take an orange shirt home with her.

The hardest part of getting arrested might have been getting in and out of the cop car.  She told police they should find whoever makes car seats so low and “arrest every one of them.”


(Here’s a photo.  There’s also a short video at the source.)