Most kids go back to school later this month.  Which is a big stress-reliever for parents.  But it also means your wallet’s about to take a hit . . .

A new survey found parents will spend as much as $65 more on back-to-school stuff this year compared to 2017.  And new clothes are still the biggest expense.  But electronics are now a close second.

Here are the seven big back-to-school expenses you have to worry about, and how much the average parent is expecting to spend . . .

1.  New clothes.  $189, up from $153 last year.

2.  Electronics.  $186, up from $121.

3.  New shoes.  $95, up from $71 last year.

4.  Backpacks.  $45, up from $33.

5.  Art supplies, including things like crayons.  $24, up from $17.

6.  Pencils and pens, $15, up from $13.

7.  Folders and notebooks, $15, up from $12 last year.

So all totaled, that’s $569 to buy everything on the list.  But obviously it’s just the average.  Some parents will spend way more and some will spend less.