Sports championship parades are such a regular occurrence in Boston that you’d THINK the fans would have it down to a science.  But they don’t.  The classiest fans at the Red Sox World Series parade yesterday kept throwing BEER CANS at their own players and coaches. Even in victory, Red Sox fans show us all why they’re at the bottom of the sports-fan totem pole.

At some point, it apparently became cool to toss a beer to the guys on the floats.  Maybe it’s funny if they catch them and drink them . . . but HURLING FULL BEER CANS is NOT safe.

Mookie Betts was almost taken out by some beers . . . and thankfully one of them was deflected by another, quick-thinking person on the float.

Manager Alex Cora was hit with in the back with an open beer, and he was NOT amused.  He stared down the person who threw it, and pointed them out.

And the World Series trophy was DAMAGED by a flying beer can.  Fortunately, the team says that it’s a minor thing, and it can be fixed.  (Hey fans, you may have championship trophies to spare, but knock it off before you hurt someone.)

(Here’s video of the near-Mookie hit . . . the Alex Cora beaning . . . and the denting of the World Series trophy.  One FAN was injured by a flying beer, and had to go to the hospital for stitches.  Here’s a news video on all this.)