A guy in the U.K. named Owen Williams is blowing up on Twitter right now, because of something he postedabout his neighbor this week.

Ken Watson recently passed away at the age of 87.  Owen says he was a sweet guy, and everyone loved him.  Even Owen’s dog loved him.

He was also an interesting guy.  Their local paper did a story two years ago after he WING WALKED on a plane at age 85.

Anyway, Ken’s daughter knocked on Owen’s door on Monday.  She was holding a big bag . . . got pretty emotional . . . and said the bag was full of PRESENTS.

It turned out that before Ken died, he bought Christmas presents for Owen’s two-year-old DAUGHTER.  And not just for this year.  He bought enough gifts for the next FOURTEEN Christmases.

Owen showed the bag to his wife, and they both teared up.  Now they’re trying to decide what to do.

They’re going to space them out over the next 14 years.  But they can’t decide if they should unwrap them first and choose age-appropriate gifts, or just do it randomly.

Owen took a poll on Twitter, and 69% of people think random is the way to go.

(CNN / Barry & District News)