Artificial intelligence may be improving, but it’s no Kenny G.  Yet.

A company called Made by A.I. just had ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE create five new, instrumental Christmas songs . . . by feeding it 100 of the most popular Christmas songs so it could learn the melodies, themes, instrumentation, and even names.

And here are the five songs it spat out, none of which I’d say is an instant classic . . .

1.  “Syllabub Chocolatebells”.  This is probably the best song of the bunch.  It has an upbeat vibe that feels like “Jingle Bells”or “Frosty the Snowman”.

2.  “Cinnamon Hollybells”.  This one has a more serious tone, sort of like “O Holy Night” or another similar song being played on chimes.

3.  “Peaches Twinkleleaves”.  This feels like the most forgettable, and sounds more like the background music in an old Nintendo game than a Christmas song.

4.  “Cocoa Jollyfluff”.  So . . . um . . . here the AI literally just ripped off “Carol of the Bells”.  Apparently when the machines rise up, they’ll be plagiarists.

5.  “Merry Jinglelog”.  This is another darker-sounding bell track, in the spirit of “Carol of the Bells” . . . although at least it’s not a direct rip-off.

(Daily Mail)