Apple Is Now America’s First Trillion-Dollar Company . . . How Much Would You Have If You’d Invested Years Ago?

When Apple went bankrupt back in the ’90s and then made their triumphant return by selling bright blue desktop computers, who would’ve thought we’d wind up HERE?

Apple became America’s first TRILLION-DOLLAR company yesterday when their stock passed $207.05.  And it closed at $207.39, meaning that they ended the day worth over a trillion dollars.

The first company in the world to hit the trillion-dollar mark was an oil company called PetroChina.  In 2007, their stock briefly skyrocketed . . . but then it crashed right back down.  The company is “only” worth about $205 billion now.

And one more thing, just so we can all kick ourselves.  Here’s how much you’d have if you’d invested $10,000 in Apple years ago . . .

If you invested when the Mac launched in 1984, you’d have $3.8 million . . . if you invested when Steve Jobs returned in 1997, you’d have $2.5 million . . . and even if you waited to invest until the iPhone came out in 2007, you’d have $114,260.