63-year-old George Labecki is a retired teacher in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Last year, he found out he had stage-four kidney disease and needed a transplant.  So his wife convinced him to go looking for one on social media.

A 34-year-old woman named Lindsay Wenrich found out about it.  And even though they’d never met, she wanted to donate.  She actually went to the same high school where he taught, but never had him as a teacher.

She got tested a few months back and found out they were a match.  Then earlier this month, they met for the first time when she showed up at his door to give him the news.

He had no idea.  But she found out beforehand that he’s a huge Penn State fan.  So she showed up dressed as their MASCOT, with a series of signs that said, “We are a match . . . I’m giving you my kidney.”  And he was blown away by it.

The best part of the story though is that Lindsay happens to be a huge OHIO STATE fan, which is one of Penn State’s biggest rivals.  And she still wants to donate.

George says he was “speechless” and overpowered by what a massive gesture it is.  The surgery happens later this month.  (I’ll admit, the sadistic sports fan side of me is kind of hoping George does everything he can to PUNISH that new kidney.) 

(People / GMA)