Now THIS is how you step up.

A guy named Nick Harvey is a school resource officer in Van Buren, Arkansas.  And he’s usually stationed at the elementary school.

An eight-year-old student named Avey Cox is in second grade there.  And tragically, her dad passed away during the holidays.

It’s impossible to even imagine how hard that’s been on her . . . and it got even HARDER earlier this month when the school had its annual father-daughter dance.

So Nick got the idea to step in, and escort Avey to the dance.  He says, quote, “I reached out to [her] mother . . .  Her mom talked to her about it and, the next day, I formally asked if she’d be my date to the daddy-daughter dance.”

Avey said yes, and they went to the dance together last week.  She says, quote, “It meant a lot because I actually got to go and see all my friends . . . and have lots of fun.”

Nick says he’s hoping he can take her every year from now on . . . he has three daughters, but they’re all too old for the dances.

(CBS 5 – Fort Smith

(Here’s a photo of them heading to the dance.)